PIM Final Document Released

  • The Secretariat finished it's final document that will be presented to the General Chapter.
  • La Secretaría terminó su documento final que será presentado al Capítulo General.
  • A Secretaria acabado su documento final que será apresentado ao Capítulo Geral.

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    Message from Brazil

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    General Secretariat for Partnership in Mission

    Who are we?

    • We are an international body mandated by the General Government of the Redemptorists to reflect on issues concerning the relationship between Redemptorists and Christ's faithful who work together in Mission.
    • Our name: The name chosen by the group and approved by the General Government is: General Secretariat for Partnership in Mission. The choice of this name came after lengthy discussions on a variety of names to describe the working relationship with Redemptorists in their Mission. For a variety of reasons the use of words like collaboration, laity and even lay for many conveyed a pejorative meaning, whereas partnership seemed to convey in many languages a better understanding of what we mean by working together.
    • The members for this sexennium (2003-2009):
      • Fr Raymond Douziech - chair, consultor General;
      • Mr Geraldino Loyola, lay missionary from the Manila Vice-Province, representing Asia;
      • Ms Ageeth Potma, member of Scala in the St. Clement's Province, region Netherlands, representing Europe North;
      • Fr Michael Kelleher of the Dublin Province, also representing Europe North but acting as liaison with Europe South;
      • Fr Gerard McCabe of the South African Province, representing Africa;
      • Fr Jozef Grzywacz of the Bahia Vice-Province representing Latin America and carrying a special interest for Eastern Europe;
      • Fr David Louch of the Edmonton-Toronto Province, representing North America.

    What is our mandate?

    • To heighten awareness that Christ's faithful and consecrated Religious are co-builders of the Kingdom, based on their common baptismal commission
    • To establish a structure and coordinate the various forms of association and partnership
    • To be a support and contact for the congregation on issues related to men and women who wish to share more deeply in the Redemptorist Charism and Mission
    • To provide resources for formation of associates and lay missionaries of the Most Holy Redeemer
    • To foster communication among Redemptorist confreres and associates and promote new experiences of partnership
    • To study, plan and develop strategies whereby Christ's faithful can share more deeply in the Charism and Mission of the Congregation

    What are our goals for this sexennium?

    The goals are threefold:

    • to come to a deeper understanding of partnership between Redemptorists and Christ's faithful and to share that vision throughout the Congregation (field of formation)
    • to foster communication and sharing among the units of the Redemptorists regarding partnership between the Redemptorists and our lay co-workers (field of communication).
    • to promote new experiences of common missionary action in partnership by professed Redemptorists and Christ's faithful (field of outreach)